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About Progressive Media USA / FAQs

Progressive Media USA is a non-profit organization working to bring about progressive change by informing the American people about the risks of conservative policies and leaders and by ensuring that progressive voices are heard in the public debate.

What will Progressive Media USA do?

Progressive Media USA will create a permanent communications infrastructure to counter the right-wing message machine and amplify the progressive message across television, radio, print media and the Internet. As part of its efforts to educate the public about the impact of conservative principles on their lives, Progressive Media USA will fact-check conservative policies, provide prominent progressive spokespeople and experts to discuss the issues and serve as a clearinghouse for reports and research.

What issues does Progressive Media USA care about?

We work on issues relating to the war in Iraq, the economy, corporate influence, campaign finance, and ethics.

Is Progressive Media USA affiliated with any party?

No. Progressive Media USA is an independent organization. We do not endorse any party or candidate.

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Members of the media can contact Progressive Media USA at 202-609-7700

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